TRIP 25/02/12

I am beginning at long last to realise where the “plot” is with this evening especially, as musically it is quite diverse. What I seem to do is to approach the sessions with a great deal of order, with far too many tunes with me, and all the other bits and pieces in place. I start with some order (the first five tunes although not pre-empted beforehand-apart from the fifth one-just jumped out at me from the boxes as the theme was to convey a “return”, to play “my music”, to get in a tune with trip in the title, to focus on the vintage element-“time machine”, and finally to name check the new bar name). Then we moved straight into a request to play as much music from Tom Middletons Trip, 3 vinyl compilation, which I did. After loads of those, on go a few mellow classics, while I wait for other requests, like Peter Nice, Gangstarr, De La Soul, and slip in a “theme”, Barbara Thompson. Then the bar gets rammed and on goes Roller Skating Jam, and the evening stays pretty much “up”, until I try to clear the bar playing “corny” tunes. The state of my tunes filing by now is chaotic, but we get there.
Me talking. Well the jury is still out on this one. One of my old mixers did not pick up on my chat, so playback ran as a continuous music tape. However the one we are now using does pick me up, and I deliberately went a little over the top to test it. In spite of issuing a two sided newsletter on the night, sometimes a little bit of chat also helps!-Let’s see how it pans out. It was great yet again to meet someone who used to come to my kids discos in twyford in the 80’s, and be warned I always have some of the tunes from that period with me, but basically gave up the mobile to concentrate on less top 40!, here, but if you talk nicely to me!
The hardened veterans to this night will have noticed I only had about 8 lp cases with me, instead of about twice that amount. This is me trying to be more disciplined, but also using more compilations therefore, and had nothing to do with my car playing up!
The next session is on MARCH 31st, and an interesting one. Normally in the past I have had to put the march session back a week later into april, as I attend the memorabilia fair at the NEC each year, at the end of march. However this year because my equipment is no longer needed by the bar, and is set up for us by Tim, the Mighty AC is going to do the evening for me, so be gentle with him! In turn I am undertaking his night TRACKS and GROOVES here two nights earlier.
Finally, just a big thanks to Tim for taking the bar within a very short space of time to a whole new level, and this is only the start. He is brimming with ideas for the future, and deserves a medal for rescuing the bar from extinction! As such after 9 years here I am so glad I hung on. Hopefully if he has the time this session will get played back during march.
As usual, please join the MILK READING facebook group, or link up with me JIM B. DONOVAN on facebook. The playlists for this and all the other nights I am involved in are at , just click on jimz playlists/BCNU Hopefully-Jim

JOHNNY DANKWORTH---RETURN TO THE ASHES, a return of sorts for me.
AIR ---DIRTY TRIP, always try for a name check tune.
CHOCOLATE MILK---TIME MACHINE, basically what I try to create.
GARBAGE---MILK, our new theme, played once an hour.
MICHAEL HOWELL---IN THE SILENCE, the first very random one. I was chatting and just grabbed this to cue in time.
tnt---tnt, great theme, great sleeve, great 90’s indiejazz!
ULRICH SCHNAUSS--IF YOU’VE NEVER BEEN AWAY, the first from tom middletons trip comp, which lead to a request for loads more.
ALICE COLTRANE---GOVINDER JAI JAI, the mighty ac-with the same initials -appears so we drop a tune he broke at his night.
USHA UTHUP---CHHUPKE KAON AYA, more from the comp, with a bollywood jacko cover.
RAMSEY LEWIS---DEAR PRUDENCE, and yet more from ramseys beatles covers lp.
ULRICH SCHNAUSS---miscued, so you got it again.
LEWIS TAYLOR---LOVELIGHT, should have played this on the other side.
DANNY BREAKS---THE JELLY FISH, moogbreaktastic, still from the trip comp.
SPANKY WILSON---SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE, this ranks with ellas as the cover version.
SHADES---UPSIDE DOWN, still playing the comp. like the clappers, or should that be the clangers?
SUGAR DADDY---SWEET SOCA MUSIC, with yet another from the trip comp.
GARBAGE---MILK, on the hour again!
SHERBERT---ROXANNE 2003, the final one from toms comp.
CHAKA KHAN---CIRCLES, mucho played disco classic off a certain gp comp.
DON COSTA---SOUL OF NIGGER CHARLEY THEME, spent some time two nights earlier discussing this with a certain dj who started playing at the bar a while back, check the playback to see who I mean!, this is a cowboy blaxploitation film from 1973 with a “funky” soundtrack written by frank sinatras arranger!
PHARCYDE---RUNNIN’, the great late dilla mix.
NICK DRAKE---BRYTER LATER, classique, another deceased icon.
ERIK TRUFFAZ---YURI’S CHOICE, great 90’s blue note jazz hip hopper.
NICOLA CONTE---WAINING MOON, gilles peterson comp, worldwide, the sort of tune this bar was built for.
JIMPSTER---PLAYTIME, compost comp. time, with my fave. flintstones dialogue sample “you can’t go back in time” overlaid.
ZERO 7---LIGHT BLUE MOVERS, miscue, but a great tune, think I meant to cue the cinematic orchestra.
DICK HYMAN---GREEN ONIONS, amazing mooger to test the stereo layout.
DIAMOND/CRU--- HIATUS, REMIX, much played inspirational hip hop, BIG TUNE, head nodder.
BEATLES---STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER, something completely different, with superb ringo “pudding” drums.
GARBAGE---MILK, on the hour again
BOBBY WOMACK---ACROSS 110 th. STREET, off the Jackie brown soundtrack.
BARBARA THOMPSON---THE FUNKY FLUNKY, amazing documentary about this queen of british jazz the previous weekend.
LUTHER VANDROSS---THE GLOW OF LOVE, for warden kirsten.
NEW YOURICAN SOUL---BLACK GOLD OF THE SUN, our most played tune here ever, the 4-hero remix.
OMAR---THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THIS, corny, but is there ?
GEORGE BENSON---THE GHETTO, gb with masters at work.
BLUR---THERE’S NO OTHER WAY, slight tip to the brits.
PETER NICE TRIO---SON OF DAVID, requested drum and basser, which I prefer to the harp of gold “a” side.
GARBAGE---MILK, the hour comes around again.
ROB DOUGAN---CLUBBED TO DEATH, the club classic on mowax.
HERBIE HANCOCK---THIS IS ROB SWIFT, superb scratcher from herbie and rob.
GANGSTARR---YOU KNOW MY STEEZ, requested from their last best lp.
ALICIA KEYS---A WOMANS WORTH, as close as I got to playing whitney.
ELVIS PRESLEY---EDGE OF REALITY, elvis freaks out, big “tracks and grooves” tune, here on the last thursday each month.
DE LA SOUL---A ROLLER SKATING JAM NAMED SATURDAY, the bar is rammed so on it goes.
CHERYL LYNN---GOT TO BE REAL, mucho sampled “dicso” classic.
STEINSKI---HISTORY OF HIP HOP, LESSON 3, cutup classic bootleg.
JURASSIC 5---LESSON 4, I still need lessons at this!
DAFT PUNK---DA FUNK, dancefloor, if we had one, delight.
DAVE ANGEL---DISCO, what it’s all about, well isit?, and loads of my crap mixing throughout these last seven tunes, always said I’m hopeless at it, and this proves it!, but the place was busy and my concentration was elsewhere!!!
BABA BROOKES---GUNS FEVER, and then I go with a sideways move and play something from the 60’s that is completely different, a club rude classic.
ALAN HAWKSHAW---GRANGE HILL THEME, requested “early”, as I usually play this towards the end.
GARBAGE---MILK, we hit 11.00.
HERBIE MANN/RUFUS HARLEY---FLUTE BAG, jazz bagpipes from bbc4, the weekend before.
NUYORICAN SOUL, again, can’t get enough of it, and I’m so busy and flustered that this one starts at the wrong speed.
BLACKALICIOUS---SWAN LAKE, requested shadow instrumental, with me leaving the mike on and picking up the background chatter.
MILES DAVIS---SO WHAT, miles’s tune to pessimism, from “the best jazz album” ever!
JIMI HENDRIX---FOXY LADY, who would have worked with miles had he lived.
EPMD---STRICTLY BUSINESS, requested, with the “shot the sheriff” sample.
MR. SCRUFF---GET A MOVE ON, drink em’ up as we head to closing.
PEPE BRADDOCK---DEEP BURNT, deephouser with the freddie hubbard sample.
ST. GERMAIN---SO FLUTE, requested 90’s bluenoter.
Then the usual mix of film / tv themes, including star wars , batman, a-team, dr.who, sweeney, kinky boots, to hint that the end is in sight.
GARBAGE---MILK, to finish, the start of a new beginning.
Then after the session had finished-BONNIE TYLER---TOTAL ECLIPSE OF MY HEART, for Jess.
The trip@milk is “firsttimeeverihaveplayedwithcustomersallaroundmewhichisaformatialwaysfavouredasihateleaningoverdeckstalkingtopeople”, 2012