TRIP 28/01/12

The trip at the afroba-session 82, with vintage vinyl on the 28th Jan 2012, PLAYLIST and jims ramblings. More at , click on jimzplaylists.
Next session on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25th…………
Well I often wonder what an ad. agency would make of trying to describe this night. If I was sticking to one type of music, like many of my other nights, it would be easy, but leaping about playing what I think you will like, then dealing with requests, often paying homage to some recently deceased late greats, and dealing with different groups of customers, who come and go during the evening, means it does get very mixed up. I also try to get requests on as they come in, which often ruins any flow or style that is happening at the time. However because the bar is not laid out or made for dancing this is somewhat easier. Generally, and its still on my blogpage in the form of an old newsletter, the music tends to be soul of black origin-except when it isn’t!, from the 40’s to the 90’s, and hooks a lot around sample culture. From Bebop to Hip Hop. End of explanation!
This session was the third, I had been involved in as part of a “3 is the magic number” series at the bar, involving the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday each month, and the first one where all three sessions were busy. Thursday was the Mighty AC,with his TRACKS and GROOVES (Playlists on its facebook page), Friday could not have been more different with some great live neo soul hip hop, and then the trip to round off the three (this being my 300 th. involvement with a night at the bar over the last 9 years).
It was great to see many regulars in, plus Pete and Marleen all the way from Swindon, and birthday boy ! mr. newitt.
If you do not belong already please join the afroba FACEBOOK group to be kept informed of some exciting droog changes coming to the bar, starting in February. BCNU-Hopefully/Jim
PS-Nearly forgot I am back at the bar for 60’s SOUL TIME on FEBRUARY 11th and this trip session is recorded and gets played back at the bar during February

MILES DAVIS---TIME AFTER TIME, just had to start- and end- with miles, time and tide and timing is what it's all about!
MICHAEL GARRICK---URSULA, missed really playing tribute to michael when he passed away last year.
DAVY GRAHAM /ALEXIS KORNER---ANGIE, from the year i got into this dj thing.
GARY BARTZ---I'VE KNOWN RIVERS, first classic afroba fave.
McDONALD and GILES---BIRDMAN/THE REFLECTION, first played this delight at the christmas session, mellotastic.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG---THE CREATOR HAS A MASTER PLAN, another fave from louis’ last lp.
MILES DAVIS---ALL BLUES, jazzisnotafourletterword.
ALICE COLTRANE---GOVINDA JAI JAI, a mighty ac-here on the last thursday-fave.
ERIC TRUFFAZ---ROSE ROUGE, the amazing piano version.
MORGANA KING---TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS, the message is in the lyrics!
CHAKA KHAN---I KNOW YOU I LIVE YOU, always drop a chaka.
LINDA CLIFFORD/CURTIS MAYFIELD---IT'S LOVIN' TIME, just got this very catchy curtis.
CARL CRAIG/INCOGNITO---OUT OF THE STORM, carl detroits up acidjazz.
LEWIS TAYLOR---LOVELIGHT, another mighty ac classic.
L. B. BAD---TRUE STORY OF HOUSE MUSIC, later house and myself don't really get on, but when it's like this we do.
PEPE BRADDOCK---DEEP BURNT, a guy who had not been to the session for 12 months asked me for this, without knowing the title!, it took me a while to confirm it with him.
UNDERWOLVES---PREMA REDENTOR, our visitors from swindon had just arrived so to give me time for a chat, on goes this long and very strong hiphopdrumandbassindian classic.
GEORGE BENSON---THE GHETTO, george gets groovy again.
LORD KITCHENER---DR. KITCH, birthday boy arrives so on goes this club rude classic.
TOMMY McCOOK---ALI BABA, the dub version of the john holt mega tune.
BOOKER T.---GREEN ONIONS, the best record ever made!, from 1962 -good year!!!
ETTA JAMES---I'D RATHER GO BLIND, bless her, the late etta.
JIMMY CASTOR---TROGODYTE, another recent loss to the music world.
GANGSTARR---JAZZ MUSIC, first of three from one of our favourite groups.
GIL SCOTT HERON---THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED, never miss gil, and we do miss him.
J. DILLA---DONUTS, much played jd, got lots of plays at the previous nights live hip hop evening.
GANGSTARR---SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS, second gs, requested.
M. F. DOOM---ONE BEER, with many more than one to come on draught ,eventually!
IAN DURY---REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL, PART 3, lots of great name checking on this one, including coltrane.
BOBBY BYRD---I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL, what it's all about!
KOOL AND THE GANG---GET DOWN ON IT, for kirsten, who does!!!!
MASTERS AT WORK---BLACK GOLD OF THE SUN, possibly our most played tune.
GRANT GREEN---A DAY IN THE LIFE, with this one a close second.
CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA---ODE TO THE BIG SEA, another much played band.
MR. SCRUFF---SPANDEX MAN, a tune from one of my "customers".
YELLOWMAN---SOLDIER TAKE OVER, totally off the wall request for some yellowman.
TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS---RASTAMAN, and another for toots.
BALLISTIC BROTHERS---PECKINGS, 60's sounding 90's ska.
MOS DEF/Q.TIP---BODY ROCK, requested.
DE LA SOUL---3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER, with one more request.
MISSY ELLIOTTT/JAZZY JEFFF---GET UR FREAK ON/SUMMERTIME, from a great dmc sounclash battle twelve.
MADLIB---SONG FOR MY FATHER, never miss playing this man.
JACK McDUFF---OBLIGHETTO, with another older bluenoter to follow.
LONNIE SMITH---PSYCHEDELIC PI , and another classic bluenoter.
HARVEY MASON---WHAT'S GOING ON, watch this space!!!
SYMARIP---SKINHEAD MOONSTOMP, requested from the "wall rack".
BOOKER T.---GREEN ONIONS, and again and again and again....
PRINCE BUSTER---ONE STEP BEYOND, more classic ska.
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST---PHONY RAPPERS, request for some quest.
CHERRY WAINER---MONEY, for mr.downs.
PRINCE BUSTER---MADNESS, more 60's bluebeatness.
LITTLE WALTER---MY BABE, to "big-up" 60's soul time on the 11 th feb.
GANGSTARR---MOMENT OF TRUTH, final gs, and one of my faves of theirs.
STEINSKI---HISTORY OF HIP HOP LESSON 3, followed by this cut-up classic.
BABA BROOKS---GUNS FEVER, still in 60's ska mood.
YOLA TENGO---NUCLEAR WAR, our four letter worder.
FILM AND TV THEMES MASH UP, the usual time to clear the bar, mix up.
MILES DAVIS ---HANNIBAL, miles's very last recorded tune to finish my last trip session at the “afroba”.
The trip is a “drinkapintofitperday” Production, 2012