Skatalites -- Rain & Shine
Bob Marley -- Burnin' & Lootin'
Stranger Cole - -You Took My Love
Roland Alphonso — Rollie Pollie
Johnny Clarke — None Shall Escape
Paragons — Change Your Style
Delroy Wilson — Can I Change My Mind
Slim Smith - -Hip Hug Girl
Larry Marshall — I've Got To Make It
Culture - -Jah Pretty Face
Maytals — Careless Ethiopians
Heptones - -Meaning Of Life
Stranger & Ken - -Unos Dos Tres
BB Seaton — Only You
George Dekker - -You'rre Treating Me So Bad
Palmer Brothers — Step It Out Of babylon
Prince Alla — Stone
Gregory Isaaces — Black A Kill Black
Tommy McCook - -Sidewalk Doctor
Dennis Brown — Tribulations
Blue Bells — Jah Know
Barry Brown - -Things & Time
Wailing Souls - -Dungeon
Leroy Wallace - -Far Beyond The Blues
Earth & Stone — Still In Slavery
Joey -- Soul Love
Joey -- Corn Bread & |Butter
Bob Marley & Wailers — Rude Boy
Bob Marley & Wailers - Roots
Lord Tanamo — Come Down
George Dekker - -Foey Man
Upsetters - -Sipeano
Glenmore Brown —- Live Like A King
Dice The Boss — Tea House From Rosko
Wailers -- Rat Race
I Roy -- Roots Man
Dennis Brown -- Trip To Zion
Prince Buster -- Police Trim Rasta
Alton Ellis -- Good Loving
Gregory Isaacs - -Tune In
Jerry Jones -- Still Waters
Skatalites — Russian Ska Fever
Busters All Stars - -Don't Throw Stones
Winston & Barbara — I Love You
Soul Brothers -- Bugaloo
Impact All Stars -- Extraordinary Dub
Mike Brooks -- Love Is Like A Password
Lacksley Castell - -What A Great day
Dave Barker & Bunny Wailer -- What A Confusion
Sound Dimension -- Mun-Dun-Gu
Prince Buster -- Cincinnatti Kid
Derek Pritter - -Mr Music Play
Hugh Godfrey - -Mad World
Inspirations - -Tighten Up
Skatalites - -Tribute To Nehru
Bobby Sharky - -Why Keep A Rasta Down
Ronnie Davis - -Wishes
Keith Goode - -Jah jah Deliver Us
IQ's -- We Need Love Today
Ras Michael -- None A Jah Jah Children
MBV -- Theme From Gun Court
African Bros -- Righteous Kingdom
Abyssinians -- Declaration Of Rights
Ernest Wilson — I Know Myself
Heptones -- Love & Happiness
Junior Delgado -- Warrior
Errol Holt - -Don't Like The Man
Boom & The Voltsons - -Stepping Out Of Zion
Horace Andy -- Rock To Sleep
Fred Locks -- Black Starliner
Hugh Mundell - -One Jah One Aim One Destiny
Maytals - -Redemption Song
Burning Spear - -Door Peeper
Bob Andy -- The Way I Feel