TRIP 27/09/2009

The trip at the afroba, with vintage vinyl, Session 54, 27/9/09, Playlist and Ramblings with Jim.
I honestly do not think I will ever get tired of this night, and lets hope its runs forever-if only!
The ability to play what I please and that which seems to please the great crowd we get in is a great joy. It also fascinates me that although we get our regulars, and bless them, where would I be without them, we also get groups of new faces. At this session these newbies seemed to be on top form as most of the prizes went their way. The “plot” for this one I wrote down and intended to cover the following-Autumn tunes/Rashied Ali/Beatles or cover versions/The various reunions coming up-Lulu and Chaka, Mott the Hoople, Cliff and the Shads, The Nolans!(I managed to “forget” the last two)/The Dells with their member John Carter recently passing. I also wanted to pay respects to a very dear friend of mine who passed away recently. For once I managed to get most of this in, (although the tribute to Ronnie Scotts jazz club reaching 50 was missed), deal with requests, and finished the evening showing some of the afroba ladies how easy it is to bung records on. So another one bites the dust, with our Halloween session in October falling on the very night, the 31st, so come spooked up, and don’t forget this entire recorded session, music only without my chat, gets played back during October at the afroba, the only place to trip out to in reading. More playlists/ details at www.jimz .biz---bcnu hopefully-Jim.
ALICE COLTRANE/RASHIED ALI…LOVELY SKY BOAT, the recently deceased rasheid, alice’s drummer.
MILES DAVIS...AUTUMN LEAVES, from miles classic blue note session with cannonball adderley.
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD…SUMMER IS OVER, just love this mellow 60’s seasonal tune.
DORIS DAY…SUMMER IS GONE, first play ever for doris, great moody autumner!
NAT KING COLE…AUTUMN LEAVES, laying the seasonal thing on a bit thick.
BEATLES…STRAWBERRY FIELD FOREVER, with ringo wackingggg those skins.
DELLS…FREEDOM MEANS, from the afroba cd’s and by the late john carter of the dells.
HAL BLAINE…SOULFULL (OCTOBER), from one of the usa’s most prolific session drummers.
PHIL UPCHURCH…BLACK GOLD, stepneys black gold of the sun, without the vocal.
DON RENDELL…TRANE RIDE, from the don of british jazz, still at it into his 80’s.
BRIAN BENNETT...TICKET TO RIDE, joining two themes the beatles and the cliff richard/shadows reunion.
SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON…FATTENING FROGS FOR SNAKES, welcome back ken to the a-bar and the first of a few blues tunes for him.
MAYNARD PARKER…MONTANA, first play for this guitar lead blues jazzer.
LITTLE WALTER…MY BABE, the blues stuff I grew up with in the early 60’s.
DOORS..RIDERS OF THE STORM, the long and quite jazzy version.
JOHN LEE HOOKER…WALKIN’ BOOGIE, final blues tune of this segment.
LULU...FEELIN’ ALRIGHT, about to tour with chaka and a superb rasping belter.
J. DILLA…EXTRACTS FROM DONUTS, the geezer making modern sound old!
PHARCYDE…RUNNIN’, the dilla mix
DJ SHADOW…INFLUX, with an influx of customers!
ALICIA KEYS…A WOMANS WORTH, as close as I get to modern r and b!
JANET JACKSON…GOT TILL ITS GONE, as close as I get to jacko, the great mello mix.
OMAR…THERES NOTHING LIKE THIS, another afro classic.
UFO…MOONDANCE, forgot to drop this during the moonmix two sessions ago.
CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA…CHANNEL 1 SUITE, never miss the cinnies.
MARLENA SHAW…WOMAN OF THE GHETTO, original studio version.
HORACE SILVER…SILVERS SERENADE, request for Horace, and I would play this stuff all night like we used to given half the chance.
MILES DAVIS…ALL BLUES, 50 years young.
CHAKA KHAN…I KNOW YOU I LIVE YOU, the diva touring soon with lulu.
EARTH WIND AND FIRE…SATURDAY, day of the week check.
STONE ROSES…FOOLS GOLD, riddled with jb drum samples.
ALTHEA AND DONNA…UPTOWN TOP RANKIN’, not much reggae on the menu tonight so a token one.
COMMODORES…MACHINE GUN, requested classic, with a lack of concentration cueing cockup on playback.
O’DONNEL LEVY…EVERYTHING I DO GONNA BE FUNKY, sort of requested because of the “bum” sleeve on display.
COMMODORES…ASSEMBLY LINE, having dropped machine gun could not resist this breaks classic.
RISCO CONECTION…AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ US NOW, like the previous one on the afro cd’s
SAM COOKE…A CHANGE IS GONNA COME, and more from the cd’s, only 4 sets left!
ERYKAH BADU…APPLETREE, for Kirsten who just loves eb.
KELIS…CAUGHT OUT THERE, with the “I hate you” drop.
GURU/ANGIE STONE…KEEP YOUR WORRIES, wot me worried!, with such a lovely crowd in.
DELPHONICS…LA LA LA MEANS I LOVE YOU, requested, but took a while to locate!
JAMES BROWN…MAKE IT FUNKY, sort of requested, and apols. for the only two artists I did not have with me, the isleys and radiohead.
MOHAWKS..THE CHAMP, the classic breaks seven.
4-HERO…BLACKGOLD OF THE SUN, mucho played a-bar fave tune.
ROTARY CONNECTION…BLACK GOLD OF THE SUN, with a free cd for the winner of who performed this original?
T-POWER…MUTANT JAZZ, request after 4-hero for some jazzy drum and bass.
OMNI TRIO…TRIPPIN’ ON BROKEN BEATS, from the mid nineties!, and a free cd to the winner of “who recorded the first drum and bass tune”
ERNIE K.DOE…HERE COME THE GIRLS, the title of lulu/chakas tour.
CHAKA KHAN…AIN’T NOBODY, the girl herself.
CHERELLE…SATURDAY LOVE, another check on the night!
YOUNG MC...I KNOW, classic hip hopper with the shaft sample.
CINEMATIC ORC…ODE TO THE BIG SEA, requested, more cinnies.
MINNIE RIPPERTON…LIVING INSIDE MY LOVE, more minnie of rotary connection, requested by ken.
KORGIS…EVERYBODY’S GOT TO LEARN SOMETIMES, the original! of the baby d. re-cut.
UNDERWOLVES…BIRD SONG, requested by Kirsten, with a great blue note jazz sample.
MOTT THE HOOPLE…READY FOR LOVE, I grew up with some of these guys and am really looking forward to their reunion gigs.
GENESIS...AFTERGLOW then the WATERBOYS…WHOLE OF THE MOON, for sheila maxine eaton,1959-2009.
DICK HYMAN…GREEN ONIONS, requested mooger as the great sleeve took a customers eye!
GRANT GREEN…A DAY IN THE LIFE, really that’s all it is, beatles tune and a top ten afrofave.
JURASSIC 5…CONCRETE SCHOOLYARD, I’m off the decks and the staff take over, easy peesy.
JACKSON 5…I WANT YOU BACK, next month please.
JAY-Z…BIG PIMPIN, with a little scratchin”!, and that’s all folks, finishing slightly earlier, as every one was afro’dout!
The trip is “aneveningofsomeoldblokebutwhoisyoungerthanianhunterplayingoldgramophonerecords” production, 2009.