TRIP 27/02/2010

the trip at the afroba, Session 59, with vintage vinyl. Playlist and Jims ramblings, on the
27th Feb 2010. More at and Facebook-Jim B. Donovan
Hey 8 years, 230 evenings, 10,000 tunes, and all after I had semi-retired from record playing. Owning up time as well. Quite where the music mix or the vibe comes from is still difficult to describe. I have never been one for attending other dj evenings , certainly up to 10 years back, and never really up to then wanted to get involved in discreet specialist music evenings. Too easy playing one style to an audience there just for that! So for ages I went the mobile route, not knowing what crowd I would be up against. I suppose it was only the diminishing of vinyl towards 2000 that took me off that scene. I can’t help it but playing off anything else just ain’t right. Sorry. “Passionate about vinyl and playing out”, was how someone described me at this session, I’m afraid I concur.
So here we are in 2010, I’m 45 years into this scene, and more than ever thinking how long can I keep it up. If it was not for the fact that with the trip I can play as I please, and what I play seems to create an enthusiastic vibe. Human nature would not be what it is without getting a buzz from at the end of a five and a half hour set acknowledging applause, so many many thanks, its much appreciated.
As much “fun” as it is, you do need to concentrate, keep a musical flow going, sort some sort of sequencing, deal with requests, chat with our great regulars. I can usually assess how well an evening went by the state of the records/filing, and at the end of trip 59 they were in a mess! The session also never really “finishes” either. Once the evening is over there is the “lugging”, typing and posting this, copying mini-discs, and now facebook. Once that’s done its straight to ideas for the next session. These normally come to a head about a week before the night when the tunes I want to play get checked out, but often I go right to the wire. The obvious “mistake” with regard to the “wall display/photos” this month is I so wanted to play some Dennis Wilson, due to the great programme about him the night before, but he didn’t get on. Shame on me!
Apologies as well, but the 8 new cd’s were not ready, but they will be available at the next session or in the shop in the meanwhile. Plus so many thanks to Pete and his lady for trekking all the way from Swindon, I hope it was worth the effort, and a million thanks to Pete for doubling my blue note sevens collection to 40. This man has more than 10 times that amount, bless him, and I thought I was a blue note collector, no competition! This sevens thing however means I must devote more time to them especially as I am in my 45th year of playing out. So at each session for the rest of this year at least one hour devoted to 45’s.
So we finally reached tune 1,000, with the old boy running with it as a “pick of the pops countdown”. It’s too late for a radio career for me but sometimes I think what I attempt is a show for radio but “live”.
Most of what I wanted to cover got on, not as much “African”, and more James Last than expected. Thanks to the mighy ac for pushing me in the hansi direction. I would never have gone for this without a push, but boy did it work. The night was dedicated to Johnny Dankworth and Dale Hawkins, bless them both, and blessed by Gil Scott-Heron’s new LP.. Please note the next session is on APRIL 3rd., a week later than usual,
bcnu-Jimbo Jambo Jazzbo..
GIL SCOTT-HERON…JAZZ MUSIC, DIALOGUE, with hamilton bohannon running under it.
HAMILTON BOHANNON…HAVE GOOD DAY, ages since I dropped hb, and with a little crackle! On my copy, got onto him via his “south african man” cut, while checking out African tunes, time for a bohannon revival!
MASSIVE ATTACK…SAFE FROM HARM, 12””instrumental” cut, the first of a few plays.
GANGSTARR…STEP IN THE ARENA, johnny dankworths “responsible” via his samples for gs tonight.
ERYKAH BADU…ON and ON, for Kirsten.
GRANT GREEN…BESAME MUCHO, just got this 60’s latin bluenoter.
STEREOLAB…METRONOMIC UNDERGROUND, always seem drawn back to this one.
BILL WITHERS…CITY OF ANGELS, thanks mpd for keeping bill in the frame, this cuts absolute heaven.
MARSHALL JEFFERSON…OPEN OUR EYES, the spiritual mix, lovely moody detroit “techno”.
MILT JACKSON…OLINGA, another mpd shout, forgot to drop this last month.
TEDDY PENDERGAST…LIFE IS A SONG WORTH SINGING, if only the furore over teddy death were the same as mj’s.
DORIS DUKE…WOMAN OF THE GHETTO, bonkers cover off 12”.
DION...PURPLE HAZE, thanks mighty ac for dropping this last month.
SARAH VAUGHAN…INNER CITY BLUES, got to this via the james last version!, and great to chat to a lovely nubie who knew his singers.
DION…ABRAHAM, MARTIN and JOHN, still chatting, so cue another from dion.
SARAH VAUGHAN…IMAGINE, back to sarah from her superb mainstream lp.
IAN DURY…WAKE UP AND MAKE LOVE TO ME, bit of a “hit” from last month.
MARVIN GAYE...TROUBLE MAN!!!, the other side of the seven of “t plays it cool”, but this ain’t trouble man, need to check this mispress!!
WILLIE BOBO…ITS NOT UNUSUAL, thanks ac for this one last month.
MEL TORME...I’M COMING HOME, dance action and its early!, first of a few from the soundtrack of the film”an education”
FLOYD CRAMER…ON THE REBOUND, and the theme used for the same film, off my original 1962 copy.
DALE HAWKINS…SUZIE Q, the late greats finest hour, with cover versions galore.
ETTA JAMES...I GOT YOU BABE, wailing brass cover from etta during her comeback period in 1968.
DR. JOHN…RIGHT PLACE WRONG TIME, played by gilles a few days earlier.
STONE ROSES…FOOLS GOLD, need a chat to pete so on goes a “longie”
ELLA FITZGERALD…GET READY, did not have “sunshine of your love” with me, so on goes this one.
JOSE FELICIANO…SUZIE Q, a great take on dale hawkins tune, don’t play enough jose.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG…THE CREATOR HAS A MASTER PLAN, another classic gilles dropped in the week.
BOHANNON…ANDREA, time for a hb revival.
JULIE LONDON..SUMMER PLACE, another tune from “an education”, but different version by the divine Julie.
LEE MORGAN…SINCE I FELL FOR YOU, ditto above, but lees great bluenote cover version
MARK MURPHY…STOLEN MOMENTS, hoped to get on “bop for kerouac”, but didn’t, shame, boo!
GIL SCOTT-HERON…I’M NEW HERE, a first for the trip, a brand new record, that hasn’t been off my turntable for the last week, awesome.
LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA…THEME FROM SHAFT, almost went with percy faiths version!
CAL TJADER…MODESTY BLAISE, cal latins up dankworths 60’s film theme.
ADRIANO CELENTANO…PRISENCOLINENSAIAINCIUSOL, gibberish 1972 “first rap record”, with a great dance beat and vid, thanks ac.
GANGSTARR…ABOVE THE CLOUDS, with an undeclared dankworth sample.
FELA KUTI…COFFIN FOR HEAD OF STATE, hoped to start a longish african music segment, but james last intervened!h
MANU DIBANGO…BIG BLOW, as far as I got with the african segment, sorry.
GIL SCOTT-HERON…ME AND THE DEVIL BLUES, such a buzz around gil that on goes this standout from the new lp-essential!
..and then the “hit” of the session, I don’t believe it!!!
BILLY COBHAM…STRATUS, saw him last week at ronnie scotts, the drummer that “inspired” massive attack., into which I easily mixed…
GANGSTARR…MOMENT OF TRUTH, one of my all time greats of the hop –hip genre.
…then we moved via brian fayes pop 40 countdown music to tune 9,997, a replay of tune 500…
JOHN COLTRANES…A LOVE SUPREME, “the best jazz record ever”, and when I played this originally at tune 500, I produced a paper justifying my decision.
DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER…AFRO-BLUE, played as tune 1,000 to be an obscure vocal jazzy funky offering with afro in the title, gilles fave and Japanese issue only.
CCS…WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, originally played as tune 2,000, now played as tune 9,999, meant to reflect something british-this was at the height of jazz brittania on bb4 originally-and a cover of a known tune.
FINALLY TUNE 10,000---4-HERO…BLACK GOLD OF THE SUN, much requested and enquired about over the years with the “populist” in me going for the crowd pleasing “modern “version rather than the divine original by rotary connection, oh well that’s show-biz!
GRANT GREEN…A DAY IN THE LIFE, vied with 4-hero for the top tune, much enquired about, but more obscure but with the afro-vibe written right through it.
STEVIE WONDER…GOLDEN LADY, lovely lady asks for this and as we are chatting I produce it in my right hand, oh the joys of proper filing!
EPMD…STRICTLY BUSINESS, andy’s been in my boxes and out comes his fave hip hopper.
DJ SHADOW...NAPALM BRAIN, shads nicks billy cobham’s beats.
OMNI TRIO…TRIPPIN’ ON BROKEN BEATS, request for some drum and bass, from 1996 on moving shadow, no probs.
WINSTONS…AMEN, BROTHER, 1971, the original drum and bass break beat track.
JAMES LAST…TWO TRIBES again/WHEN DOVES CRY/LET THE SUNSHINE IN, with the might ac wearing his last t-shirt, and me doing a competition re. hans.
MASSIVE ATTACK…SAFE FROM HARM(-clip-) then intoUNFINISHED SYMPATHY, not played for ages and usually at the end of the evening.
SPANKY WILSON…SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE, to compensate for not having ella’s version.
GIL SCOTT-HERON...THE BOTTLE, 80’s live version, bless him.
ROY BUDD…WHO DARES WINS, for pete, this one got a mention when the evening was coverd by the local press.
GROOVE HOLMES...THEME FROM $6,000, 000 MAN, pre-empting our “usual” film /tv themes end of night tunes
TREVOR BURGESS…THEME FROM DEPT. S, recorded live in a torquay hotel, twisterific.
.…. then wadges of film/tv to finish including
TYRELL CORPORATION…I’M GOING HOME to finish/That’s all folks, until APRIL 3rd
The trip is an “oldeluggeryesyoudidreadthatright”production for the a-bar, 2010