TRIP 30/01/2010

The trip at the afroba, Session 58, with vintage vinyl, Playlist and Jims ramblings, 30 th. JANUARY 2010. More at and Facebook-Jim Donovan
Well with this session we reached my 230 th., involvement with an evening at the a-bar, and session 58 of the trip. Next month I get to play Tune 10,000, so lots of thinking/ researching going into that one, plus 8 new cd’s should be available. So back to session 58. I had a lot of “themes/artists” worked out to possibly play most of them, especially a Latin/Afro Cuban one to complement the amazing BBC4 documentary the night before, and African tunes to complement the new issue of Waxpoetics. I managed to get a lot of Latin on, but had to cut back on the African stuff due to too many requests for other tunes coming in. However Waxpoetics will still be “current’, next month so hopefully more then. The might AC guested with two great sets of tunes I wish I had thought of, and we gave away more copies of his great cd. I managed to start with virtually a cd’s worth of Cool jazz, again another recent BBC4 show, and dropped some Dre/NWA etc., due to Miles P. Donovans (mpd) “influence”. Matt managed the bar on his tod, in spite of the night being very busy, and I had to finish with my usual load of crap, well worse crap!, to clear the place. This is starting to backfire on me however as Jews For Jesus, is starting to receive some “dance action”, when it’s supposed to shoo you out!!
I am listening to the playback as I type this and every so often I have to stop and think “that was a blinder”, I’ve just done it again to Harold Melvin, and I’m only about two hours in. Right here comes the playlist, and as I’m a virgin to Facebook, keep an eye on my page-Jim Donovan (photo of an old bloke playing drums), as I’m posting photos and details of the nights tunes.
Adolf Hitler on Vibes!, or Eric Clapton on ukelele, or the Wild Man of Borneo on bongos, or Quasimodo on bells!, or just jimbo jambo jazzbo…..
NIGHTMARES ON WAX…LES NUITS, my “nice”downbeat intro tune.
KELLEE PATTERSON…MAIDEN VOYAGE, great vocal take on herbie tune, on the black jazz label.
AHMAD JAMAL…THE AWAKENING, thanks mpd for posting some ahmad.
MILT JACKSON…BAGS NEW GROOVE, start of a “cool few” from the 50’s.
CHET BAKER/ART PEPPER…FOR MILES AND MILES, “man walking on eggshells tastic”.
MIKE WESTBROOK…ORIGINAL PETER, only one of two britjazzers of the night, shame.
CHARLES EARLAND…LEAVING THIS PLANET, this should have been included in my moonmix. For Pete D.
MILT JACKSON/FREDDIE HUBBARD…PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND, with billy cobham on drums, who I am off to see soon. I had olinga and memphis (facebook page) with me, but could I find them?
WYNTON KELLY/WES MONTGOMERY…NO BLUES, with miles sidesmen, from smokin’ at the half note, live.
ART BLAKEY…LITTLE HUGHIE, I put a little review up on facebook after this band featured on jazz 625 recently.
JACK McDUFF/JOE DUKES…SOULFUL DRUMS, joe is my man on skins.
LONDON JAZZ 4…THINGS WE SAID TODAY, great tune but the only really good one on the lp.
DR. DRE…STILL D.R.E-INSTRUMENTAL, ending the jazzy first section.
TEDDY PENDERGAST…CLOSE THE DOOR, bless him, the late great with A smootcher, calm down jim!
HAROLD MELVIN/TEDDY PRENDERGAST…WAKE UP EVERBODY, what a cracker with tp sharing vocals.
AL GREEN…I CAN’T GET NEXT TO YOU, motown cover produced by the late willie mitchell.
ISAAC HAYES…I CAN’T TURN AROUND, thanks daryl pandy and mpd!
IAN DURY…WAKE UP AND MAKE LOVE TO ME, competition and a great tune.
HORACE SILVER…THE SHOW HAS BEGUN, I’m off and the mighty AC steams in……
BLOSSOM DEARIE…LONDON IN THE RAIN, what a great one to start with!
DAVE GRUISIN…ASCENSION TO VIRGINITY, amazing and a new one to me, so nice to be introduced to new tunes.
RAMSEY LEWIS…JADE EAST, now ac complementing me as I dropped this at the last club rude.
CHICAGO..I’M A MAN, just love ‘em during their early jazzier period.
ROOTS MANUVA…TOO COLD, again another not on my radar.
LALO SCHIFRIN…DIRTY HARRY, what a great dirty choice.
WAR...GALAXY, blimey I should have dropped this band into my latin selection, but forgot, old addled age!
WILLIE BOBO…IT’S NOT UNUSUAL, on seven, and I’ve only got the lp, bongoin’ cover version.
PRIMAL SCREAM…HIGHER THAN THE SUN, great 90’s “indie’ tune.
DION ..PURPLE HAZE, hey we’re in heaven here with another cover and on seven.
JOHNNY HARRIS….STEPPING STONES, what a one for the mighty AC to finish with, 11 tracks of vinyl ambosia, then the old boyz back on…..
NWA…WONDERWALL-REMIX, gawd knows where I got this 1995 remix by dre. of oasis from, but boy it’s on the playlist now for the future!
ETTA JAMES…I GOT YOU BABE, only just got this amazing seven, and it really complemented AC’s three cover versions.
WILLIE MITCHELL…SECRET HOME, it’s such a shame that someone has to pass away for you to dig out their tunes, but this one has special significance for me. I so loved this tune that when I started on this dj lark back in 1965, this was my first theme tune.
RAY BARETTO…ACID, the latin /afrocuban starts to kick in.
DIZZY GILLESPIE…MANTECA, 1940’s classic from the second modern jazz record I bought back in 1961.
CANDIDO…1,000 FINGER MAN, still with us and featured in the LATIN programme, bongotastic.
SKATALITES…GUNS OF NAVARONNE, for our birthday “boy”
JURASSIC 5..CONCRETE SCHOOL YARD, hip-hops been a bit neglected tonight as I hand over to AC……
THE BONZO DOG DOO DA BAND…THE INTRO AND THE OUTRO, what an amazing one to start with, with lots of enquiries.
PLAID…SCOOPS, never forget the 90’s produced some unique sounds.
JAMES BROWN…..NO TITLES, loverly jb organ instrumental, followed by vocal.
KING CURTIS…WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, silly me I hardly ever play this, my mistake it’s bonkers!
DEE FELICE TRIO…THERE WAS A TIME, ain’t got this nice piano groover, another to look out for.
ULTRAMAGNETIC M/C’S…POPPA LARGE (EAST COAST), lots of interest in this kool keither.
JIMMY CASTOR..I’VE JUST BEGUN, feels like it for me!, I’ve hardly scratched the surface.
DAVE BARTHOLEMEW…THE MONKEY, new orleans early “rapper”.
PATTI JO…MAKE ME BELIEVE IN YOU, another I need to look out for.
JOE COCKER…WOMAN TO WOMAN, and AC completes his top 11 with sheffields finest!
GIORGIO MORODER..TEARS, I’m back on, shadow snatched and a competition tune, with a chop ending that I still can’t anticipate!
DE LA SOUL..ROLLER SKATING JAM NAMED SATURDAY, the tune that tells us the place is packed.
SANTANA…BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, we’re back on the afro latin tip.
TITO RODRIGUEZ…MACK THE KNIFE, with another geezer from the latin programme.
MACHITO…TIN TIN DEO, jazz classic gets mambo’ed.
KINGSMEN…LOUIE LOUIE, ages since I dropped this top 40 classic but it did get featured in the latin programme.
NWA...EXPRESS YOURSELF, not very well mixed into WONDERWALL, same beats used by dre for both.
FATBACK BAND…KING TIM 3rd., very early hip hopper.
FELA KUTI…GIMME SHIT I GIVE YOU SHIT, spot on!, I meant to play much more of THE man (cover artist on waxpoetics), so next month!
GEORGE BENSON...EL BARRIO, should have realised I would be asked for this, and competition question as well, asking who wrote “the ghetto”?
LETTA M’BULU…WHAT IS WRONG WITH GROOVING?, another waxpoetics inspired artist, more of her next month.
NEIL SEDAKA…THE IMMIGRANT, this sessions odd one, but off the back of another great BBC4 documentary.
IAN DURY…WAKE UP AND MAKE LOVE TO ME, again, great jazzy tinklin’ piano, and syn.
MOSE ALLISON…FOOLKILLER, for andy, the original cool dude (that’s mose-not andy!)
STEVIE WONDER…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dancing near the decks causes deck skip, repeat what does it do!
MARCIA GRIFFITHS…KEEP ON JUMPIN’, ska classic to keep the dancin’ going.
FRANK SIDEBOTTOM..SPACE IS ACE, to try to clear the bar.
JEWS FOR JESUS…GREAT AND WONDERFUL, this did not clear it either, in fact we are getting quite good at hebrew dancing to this one.
ROSETTA ROSARIO…QUEER THINGS, 1959 gay anthem can you believe!, and that’s enough…get him off, booo…..
BUGS BUNNY..THAT’S ALL FOLKS TO FINISH, with the jacksons “never can say goodbye” on the fade.
The trip at the afroba is a “introandtheoutro”production (I’m on the outro), 2010.