TRIP 31/10/2009

The trip session 55, 323 minutes and 22 seconds of some old bloke playing gramophone records. I feel like that’s the only comment I should make after the first session for ages that didn’t quite produce the afro vibe due to the bar only being about half full. However those of you that did come were exposed to much of the same set that I would have played anyway, and the playback sounds pretty much ok, so lets hope that when it gets played back at the afroba, more ears get to hear it! It seems like the first time for ages that with Halloween falling on a Saturday, everybody wanted to dress up and whiz around town rather than stay in one spot. Those that did attend were “treated”, or tricked into free poundshop horror sweeties that were “natural and artificial”! Lets hope the nhs can cope with the aftermath! I also put up a few classic original horror posters to add to the atmosphere. Although quite a few requests came in it was not as many as usual and I managed to get most of the “planned” tunes on. These included a few Gilles had played recently/Wah Wah Watson in the new issue of Waxpoetics/ Ronnie Scotts jazz club 50 th anniversary/ Several tunes on jonny trunks label due to his visit to reading the night before/ Lots of Halloween samples/horror tunes with a “God” one at the end to “balance” the session and spare me going to confession!. I did miss playing the new Waxpoetics single , the Fleur De Lys tunes and tracks from trunks first release back in 1995, which I will get on next month on NOVEMBER 28th, bcnu or not! Count Jimula (dj zero not dj hero).
ALAN PRICE…I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, currently touring and an all-hallows fave.
EDDIE HARRIS…EXODUS, dropped by gilles recently and on of my early 60’s purchases.
MOS DEF…UMI SAYS, had a feeling I would not get much hip hop on so dropped this one early.
FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION…GREAT DAY, another corker from gilles recent playlist.
COLDCUT..AUTUMN LEAVES, mixmaster morris rub with my dialogue samples under from boris karloff/bela lugosi/halloween film soundtrack-“the boogie man is coming”.
LONNIE SMITH…SPIRITS FREE, in spite of setting up the equipment the day before I did not have enough time before starting to grab some grub, so on goes this great long one so I can nip over the road.
DONNIE ELBERT…TOO FAR GONE, with the fleurs backing him from 1967.
JOHNNY DANKWORTH…RETURN FROM THE ASHES, great moody jazz, sampled to def.
HERBIE HANCOCK…STARS IN YOUR EYES, thanks to the customer who wants me to find him a copy of this.
MINNIE RIPPERTON..LES FLEUR, another classic from gp’s radio show decks.
WAH WAH WATSON…GO GOO WAH WAH, just google this geezer to see how many classic sessions he was on.
RONNIE SCOTT…CONTEMPLATION, 50 years of ronniejazz, here’s to the next 50.
PHARCYDE…RUNNIN’, the j.dilla mix, second hiphopper of the night.
DOORS…LIGHT MY FIRE, mucho requested at a private party I did at the a-bar the week following the last session.
GEORGE BENSON…THE GHETTO, first really random tune from the boxes and a corker.
WOUT STEENHUIS…HUM –DONO, charity shop geezer. This was one of only three I retained, after for the first time in my life throwing 600 lp’s away recently. Superb joe harriott/amancio de silva tune from the “bird in the park “ lp.
GRAHAM BOND…FREAKY BEAK, thanks jonny for dropping this the night before, and apologies for seeing him live at the albert hall in 1969, that’s graham not jonny!
LES BAXTER…DUNWICH, think jonny dropped this as well, from the dunwich horror s/t, almost axelrod!
LULU…BOAT THAT I ROW, thanks smiler for tipping me back on to this one at the last club rude.
BOBBIE (BOBBY) GRAHAM…ZOOM, WIDGE AND WAG, the night was dedicated to this late great and very prolific session drummer.
NIGHTWARES ON WAX…LES NUITS, two hours in and after a fairly busy start the a-bar clears a bit, so we drop back down and “start again”
NAT KING COLE…AUTUMN LEAVES, not quite the coldcut version, but the 50’s original off seven.
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD…GOING BACK, another great seven, a carole king written classic and one for my own funeral music mix.
PYTHON LEE JACKSON…IN A BROKEN DREAM, rod stewart vocals, and the sample that gave portishead a career.
DORIS DAY…SUMMER HAS GONE, me and my seasonal variations
BEATLES…STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER, the lennon film is just out and ringo’s skins on this are fab!
MOTT THE HOOPLE…ALL THE YOUNG DUDES, played for the old dudes recently reformed, some of whom I knew quite well light years ago!
CAROLE KING…ITS TOO LATE, for ross sheepishly putting in a guest visit.
ZOMBIES …TIME OF THE SEASON, well “zombies” is halloweeny !
KRAFTWERK…THE MODEL, bit of a nod to the beebs electric dreams strand.
DEODATO…ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA, with a few horror samples under it.
BROTHERS JOHNSON…STRAWBERRY LETTER 23, another great random one off seven.
BILL WITHERS…HARLEM, another seven and an old afro-fave.
LETTA M’BULU…WHAT IS WRONG WITH GROOVIN’, answers on a postcard please?
WILLIE MITCHELL…TAKE 5, funky version of jazz classic, on seven.
POP WILL EAT ITSELF…PWEI vs DIRTY HARRY, band I never really liked but one my son raved over, with one I now finally do like.
JOHNNY JENKINS…WALK ON GILDED SPLINTERS, with the bestest and longest break ever!!. I had a copy of this for sale in the shop in the week and it flew out to mr.i-bet-ya!, thanks tim.
SCREAMIN’ J. HAWKINS...I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, the rough original and moving into full horror mode as kirsten and her nurses from hell pop in on their way to a party uptown.
RED LIPSTIQUE…DRAC’S BACK, 70’s disco with the “I want to suck your (blank)” hook.
JANIE JONES …WITCHES BREW, 60’s novelty pop, from the top heavy miss jones.
MOONTREKKERS…NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE, off my original knackered seven from 1961.
LAMBERT HENDRICKS AND ROSS…HALLOWEEN SPOOKS, the jazzers do oct. 31st proud.
VIC MIZZY…ADDAMS FAMILY THEME, got a bit of a sing along/fingersnap going.
GENE PAGE…BLAKULA THEME, THE blaxploitation movie theme by barry whites arranger.
4-HERO…BLACKGOLD OF THE SUN, then back to normal! with this afro and elsewhere fave.
MR. SCRUFF…GET A MOVE ON, another mucho played one, with no one getting the competition question.
RAY DAVIES…SUPERSTITION, from his “funk in hell” classic lp.
STONE ROSES…SALLY CINNAMON/FOOLS GOLD, with a competition winner at last.
BARRY GRAY…UFO THEME, thanks everso jonny trunk for putting this one out.
SMITHS…PANIC, your invitation to hang the dj on halloween night!, I survived!!!!!
TUBBY HAYES…VOODOO, another big thank you to jonny for his 666 copies of this one, from no.518.
SMITHS…VICAR IN A TUTU, only had one morrissey single with me so for a request I flip panic, get well soon mr.m.
DJ SHADOW…HINDSIGHT, with me overlaying lots of horror dialogue that I’m too lazy to list, but mostly from the cult “a witch is born”lp, by alex saunders.
DR. OCTAGON…BLUE FLOWERS, ditto the above, with playback on this and especially shadow sounding quite professional for a live set.
AFRICAN REVOLUTION…BALLROOM ROCK, lack of dub so on one goes this great twelve.
JURASSIC 5…CONCRETE SCHOOLYARD, is it really 12 years since they were last in reading?
DILLINGER…COCAINE IN MY BRAIN, I have a great story about dropping this elsewhere, which I dare not print here!, played this for myself and john behind the bar (it’s got a jim/john hook).
MADLIB…SLIMS RETURN, madz finally gets his few minutes.
ROB DOUGAN…CLUBBED TO DEATH, with vincent price samples from “ a history of witchcraft” lp. inserted!
A GUY CALLED GERALD…VOODOO RAY, with music samples from hitchcocks “psycho” overlaid”.
STEVIE WONDER…SUPERSTITION, with halloween now being more popular than valentines day, superstition rules over luuve!
WATERBOYS…A GOLDEN AGE, first major cockup, unless you count the entire evening!, I played the wrong side!
LEE DORSEY…YES WE CAN CAN, not so much funk tonight so on goes lee.
HERBIE HANCOCK…MAIDEN VOYAGE, from one of the men who inspires the evening.
STEVIE WONDER…I BELIEVE, requested, nice one, for an anniversary couple in for the session.
HERBIE HANCOCK…TORAH SERVICE ADORATION/FINAL AMEN, wanting to get some good and god back into the evening to balance it, these two great jewish jazz tracks from mr. j. trunks magnifico release.
REUBEN WILSON…NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE, jazzy version of the goodnight tune.
DELPHONICS…SCARBOROUGH FAIR, requested just as we begin to wind down.
GENESIS…AFTERGLOW, and another great request just as I’m starting to pack up!, thanks though to a couple of afro-newbies for asking for this.
JACKSON FIVE…NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE, only mj of the night after the last few months jaco-fest.
BEATLES...HELLO GOODBYE, and that’s all folks with bugs bunny to play us out, then I had a lie down and returned to my coffin, until next month only leaving it to type this, and pick up the equipment.